How much should you pay for 3d Visuals

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There are many Architectural 3d studios here in Australia producing a world class standard of visualisation, that being said the vast majority still lack the ability to produce high quality photo-real 3d visuals.

When choosing a 3d Architectural visualisation studio for your next project one of the most important factors will be the price. It is important to get a high quality 3d visual but also not to pay too much for it. Here’s a few stats regarding the average prices and what you should receive for your money.


Remember that old saying – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! well it applies here too!


You really can’t expect to pay a small amount and get an amazing 3d render. Studios with more experience charge more for their work and generally do so because they produce higher quality renderings. It takes a great deal of time and expertise to produce a super high quality visual– A better quality 3d rendering that looks fantastic and impresses your buyers or clients is always more valuable than a rendering of poor quality. The 3d Studios that are producing these superb looking images absolutely deserve to be paid for their talents.

It all depends on your budget and how successful you want your marketing campaign to be. If you want a highly realistic product you will probably need to pay more for an experienced Architectural 3d rendering studio. Ofcourse you can always just shop around for the cheapest price visual. The internet is littered with very ordinary 3d rendering services, some have great service but have terrible quality, and vice versa. The trick is is to find a service that produces the level of quality you need along with a reliable service.

Now…lets talk about the prices.

In a recent worldwide architectural visualisation survey completed by cgarchitect the average price architectural studios charge for a single still image is between $1000 and $2000 US dollars. Note – this is an average price – for extremely high quality photographic 3d visuals you could expect to pay a fair bit more. Generally the studios that produce very high quality images are charging a lot more.

So whats the difference between a high quality artist impression and a poor one- I here you say?

Below are a few examples of some photo-real quality images. These are among the best you will find anywhere in the world.





As you can see these are very impressive and realistic images. And now for some pretty average 3d visuals!


Poor 3d render


bad interior


Clearly there is a massive difference, the high quality images clearly look photo realistic and are far more appealing than the average quality renders. You could expect to pay around $300-500 per image for the lower quality images (depending on which studio produced them). And for the photo-real quality you may be paying anywhere from $2000 to $10000 per image.

It’s important to bare in mind that whilst you can always find a cheap price for 3d visualisation, you need to ask yourself what will the impact of that be;


  • Will your project sell quickly?
  • Will you reach your target price with a poor representation of your project?
  • will you reach your target buyers with a poor quality 3d visual?
  • What does the visual say about the quality of your work?

Obviously all 3d visualisation studios produce a certain standard of image. some are just more talented and more experienced than others. You will need to do your homework and compare prices and visuals from each studio you approach. Remember – you get what you pay for!

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